Cheap heating and cooking with just one appliance

Cheap heating and cooking with just one appliance

Some time during the summer of the past year, a couple of me contacted me to buy an Amish-made Ashland stove for a multifunctional purpose to cook and heat. They would use the hydraulic method of heating using hot water reservoirs that can be purchased with a wood stove for warm heating.

Hot water heating uses hot water flowing through pipes that usually lie in the floor with this hot water, thereby heating the floor through wire and if there is some air flow, the convection will heat the air above as the hot air rises. It sounds very simple but it has its challenges.

We needed to decide if enough hot water could be generated by the hot water tank to heat a 1400 sqm home and 1000 sqm garage. It was decided to have two reservoirs each on their own system. One for the home and one for the garage with part of it that serves the house to equalize the lengths of the hose coming out of each container. This sounds so simple now, but when there is no data or information I could find on the internet, it took a leap on the home page and without the manufacturers expertise to add the spare reservoir, this experiment had been a failure. It was decided that a reservoir on the stove could hear 600 rows 800 m² with the water circulating through a small pump to keep the water moving.

In order not to confuse you at this time, this is all possible through a layer in thermodynamics called thermal diffusivity. Thermal diffusivity is a material property that describes how much heat flows through a material typically measured in mm² / s or i² / h. What this essentially means is that it takes time to heat the surrounding material to heat and warm up the surround area . The opposite side of the equation is that it will take a long time for the home to cool down when the spring comes out and some hot days in a house absorbed by this heat will be a bit uncomfortable.

The other main component is the need for a small pump to circulate the water through the system and this can literally be placed anywhere in the system as long as it flows. The flow should be slow and not fast for the system to work. One must ensure that the hose, copper is good, but if the plastic has to withstand long-lasting temperatures up to 190 degrees. A little caution is to make sure all leads are leak-free or you get a big mess.

Once all this was decided, the couple bought the stove and an extra container. The stove was started on a very cold day, where the outside temperature was low during the day and they were cold. Also suggested is an add-on or coal heater as a support for the extra cold days and it proved to be very valuable for the start day due to the time it takes to actually heat the floor. This is a very slow process because the water through the pipe must heat the environment and the floor. Once heated, the amount of energy to achieve heat throughout the home is very low fuel, and the stove is always ready for cooking and baking.

The marriage to the old-fashioned cooking method and new heating techniques works beautifully with unexpected benefits. Heat production is done with scrap from sawmills or other sources or fuel and meals can be cooked and baked. Great time for making bread, cakes and pies. I just wonder how I could get bread or a pie in a wood stove. I have been told that there is a different flavor with this type of cooking and baking and one day I hope to try it myself.

You can see the melting of old-fashioned pans and a hydronsystem can provide us with cheap heat and cheap cooking, and for those who consider going off-line, this system can be taken into consideration because the pump can run on a 12 volt system using batteries and charging up of the sun or the wind during the day.

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